What is Happening With PotW?

What is Happening With PotW?

Postby Homer S. » Sat Apr 13, 2019 6:07 pm

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Greetings All,

It appears that NamVet has pulled the plug on the PotW server. Although all the files and folders are still on the server, there is no connection to the game. I tried doing a server restart from the Gameservers web console which is still active, but that did not work. Neither VanBrown, Spamcan, nor I have been able to get in touch with him.

So, what now? Last year, VanBrown made a beta version of Battalion 1944 available to us. He says, "What I am more focused on in the near term, is the imminent release of Battalion 1944. There is no set release date, but it is suspected to be sometime this month or next month at the latest. It's got an uphill battle to become a successful game, but in my view, it's basically a more modern version of CoD2 with more potential to have a larger community with developer support."

Battalion 1944 is developed by Bulkhead Interactive on the Unreal Engine 4. You can read about their progress toward full release, written in November 2018 here:

https://steamcommunity.com/games/489940 ... 9742969543

The key statement is, "...That in early 2019 we are officially ending our Early Access phase and preparing for full release!"

So the plan is to hang tight until the release of Battalion1944 and we will work to rebuild the PotW community on that platform. Once that happens, I am confident that word will get around and the same people who came here to play Cod2 will return to try Battalion 1944 knowing that we will be running the server with the same principles that made us so successful playing Cod2.

We very much appreciate the support you have demonstrated by returning here to check on us. Please continue doing so in order to catch the beginning of play with Battalion 1944. I will generate posts as new information becomes available.

-Homer S., along with VanBrown and Spamcan
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