*{PotW}*is a Family Oriented Clan~

*{PotW}*is a Family Oriented Clan~

Postby Homer S. » Sat Jan 03, 2015 12:35 pm

My quest is to help all kids and young adults to stay away from the streets, dangerous hangouts and gangs, by playing internet games. Playing games means they are home.

Quote "There's no safe place like home"

I bear the screen name NamVet in memory of all Vietnam Veterans who died and served.


About "*{PotW}* Punishers of the Weak

Punishers of the Weak (PotW) started soon after the first Call of Duty game came out with a vision of a great place for both kids and adults to play CoD with the focus on having fun - not on being flamed. The clan, the oldest continually operating CoD dedicated clan around, has over 100 members whose focus is friendships – not competition. A place that doesn't need ranks because all members are equal. We've been here from CoD1 to CoD2, CoD4, and now CoD5 - World at War.

" A Place To Belong"
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