PotW FaQ

PotW FaQ

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What does PotW stand for?
Punisher's of the Weak.

Can you tell me about PotW?
PotW was founded by NamVet in 2003 when Call of Duty first came out and is the oldest continually operating CoD clan. NamVet founded PotW to help foster a positive environment to play internet games and to have a group of friends to hang out with. The clan was founded as a member run clan so there are no ranks – all are equal here. The members of PotW represent 17 countries around the world in North America, Australia, Europe, and Asia. We are varied in age as we have young, old, and middle aged plus both male and female members.

What does PotW look for in potential members?
There is no one thing we are looking for as we have a very diverse membership. We want people who we believe will be both long term and contributing members. But some of the attributes we value the most are:
- Follow the game server and forum rules and help uphold those rules
- Friendly with a positive attitude
- Have gotten to know many of the members at PotW without spamming them
- Skillful players
- Patience – it takes dedication to become a member of PotW
- xfire to be shared with members
Server rules can be found at:

I'm a CoD2 player - how do I join PotW?
Post an application in the appropriate forum (must be invited by a current member)!

I'm a CoD:WW player - how do I join PotW?
Post an application in the appropriate forum (must be invited by a current member)!

What is expected of members?
The members are expected to contribute to the success of PotW by upholding and being a positive example of the server rules. We also expect the members will help foster a positive environment, help to manage the servers, participate in the leagues (if you have the skills), and help out on the many tasks that a clan our size needs done. Currently monetary donations are not required of the members.

What are PotW's game servers?
This is shown on the homepage of this website. We currently have six servers:

CTF Stock -
Mixed Maps -
Match -

CoD:World at War
CTF Punisher -
CTF Punisher #1 -
CTF Nemesis HC -

*Guests may join as long as they abibe by PotW Rules and are invited by a PotW Member*

Why don't you allow bad language on your servers? In CoD:WW, even the game uses bad language!
Since our inception as a CoD clan, we have established several rules for our servers to create a family freindly enviornment. Our philosphy is to be a safe haven for people to come to with a focus on simply enjoying the game. The reality is that bad languge creates conflict and is often directed towards people. So long ago we decided to have no bad language. If you can't understand that - then remember: our servers our rules.
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