*{PotW}* Server Rules

*{PotW}* Server Rules

Postby Homer S. » Sat Jan 03, 2015 12:50 pm

This includes taking advantage of glitches...
If you're caught cheating, you will be banned without warning!

Your CD key identifier will be added to the Master Ban lists provided by sites such as Cheat Police or Punksbusted.
Cheats include aimbots, wallhacks, illegal skins, foghacks, going under the map, glitches, etc.

This is your only warning, disable and remove any pathetic cheats.

If you accuse someone of cheating, you must make a valid argument (i.e. screenshot or demo) or you will find yourself being kicked.

Just because someone is a good player, does NOT mean they are cheating.
Use the Forums to make your valid argument about a cheating player.
Accusing someone while in the game may result in getting yourself kicked.

If you are under attack in your spawn find your way out of it. Spawn killing is part of the game. However, SPAWN CAMPING (i.e. sitting in one spot aiming at the spawn or spawn exit) is not and can result in being BANNED!

There are known glitches and difficult to reach locations on several maps. A player may NOT use those glitches or go to the difficult to reach location if he/she cannot be seen or shot there. He/she is allowed in any location on the map as long as he/she can be seen and shot there, however, the flag may NOT be taken to a difficult to reach location. It will ruin the game during that map if the flag is dropped and nobody else is able to reach it.


Under no circumstances is a player permitted to spectate the other team to locate the position of an enemy. If you are caught doing this you will be warned then banned.

Spectate is a place to go when you need to be AFK.

ADMINS will NOT tolerate the excessive use of in-game taunts. Constantly using taunts is annoying and we will not be tolerated. We HAVE and WILL KICK players for being annoying.

You are not permitted to recruit for your clans or any other clans other than *{PotW}* on any of our servers.

Recruiting for other clans will result in being kicked or possibly banned (being told more than once to stop).

Advertising for a Clan Server, regardless of the game being played, will result in being kicked or banned. This includes inviting other players to leave the PotW server to play on a non-PotW server. You may NOT do this while on a PotW server or PotW website.

#7 Any and all gripes must be conducted in the forums.
The Admins are on the server to play, not to read and spend all the time answering all kinds of questions.

#8 NO swearing, cursing, insulting, or any other offensive language on the server.
This also includes nicknames, abbreviations, acronyms, etc. Swearing, cursing, etc. creates an unfriendly environment, and makes this an uncomfortable place for parents to allow their children to play. While it is true that we are shooting fictional people, that is part of the game. Cursing and insulting are personal attacks against real people, not part of the game.

#9 Respect all other players on the server.
This server welcomes people of all nationalities, races, religions, sexual orientation, political affiliation, etc. Slurs against any type of person are not allowed here. The only people not welcome here are the intolerant. Political, religious, nationalistic, etc., discussions are discouraged. Play the game. Do not play with people's minds by trying to insult their beliefs.


#11 Non Members wearing *{PotW}* Tags
Any non members wearing the *{PotW}* tag in any color, or a tag that is designed to closely mimic a PotW tag will be banned from all the game servers, website, and any other service that might be controlled by *{PotW}*.

Will not be kicked and/or banned from the servers, unless there are multiple Unknown Soldiers and one of them is causing problems or violating rules, in which case more than one Unknown Soldier may have to be kicked in order to remove the offending one.

Create a unique name. This is for security reasons.

Clan Stacking is not permitted among any clan in any of our public servers at any time

Clan stacking is defined as having MORE than 5 clan members on one team, unless there at least as many (5) on both teams.

Admins witnessing clan stacking among any clan (even PotW) will take necessary precautions and remove that clan from the server. If the clan is caught clan stacking repeatedly that clan will lose the privilege to play on that server.

Clans wanting to play on the same team as each other will need to arrange a friendly scrim against PotW Members in which we will go to a private locked server set up for these scenarios

Additional information:

- The server logs are being scanned daily for any offensive language, cursing, swearing etc. ANY player using offensive language may be banned without warning.

- If a player is kicked, he won't be able to re-join within the next 10 minutes, if time has not been altered individually by an Admin for some reason.

- If a player is banned because he broke a major rule, this means IT'S A LIFETIME BAN!! We do NOT ban temporarily! (except when errors happen)

- If you are playing in PotW's servers, this is because you agreed with these rules. If you don't respect these simple rules, you will find yourself being kicked or maybe banned.

Support a fair gameplay - keep the servers clean!
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