How to Apply for a Site Member Account

How to Apply for a Site Member Account

Postby Homer S. » Sun Apr 26, 2015 4:05 pm

NOTICE: Website registration is disabled for the time being due to the large number of spammers attempting to register for new accounts. You may still register for a new account by first asking a PotW member in-game to send a PM to Homer that you would like to register. Homer will contact you in-game to make arrangements to open up registration when it is convenient for you. When you register your user name must be the same as your player name in order to verify your identity.

NOTICE: Website registration is once again being kept enabled.

You may begin the registration process by pressing the Register button on the upper right side of this screen below the Search box and to the left of the Login button.

Note that this is only for a PotW website account. THIS IS NOT for membership in the PotW clan. For that you need to play here a long time and be invited by a member.

NOTICE: In order to keep our website free of spammers, if you apply for an account without your player username, your account will be IMMEDIATELY DELETED.

When you acquire a site member account, you will automatically become part of the Registered Users Group which gives you read-only access only to the GENERAL INFORMATION FOR GUESTS Forum Section. Soon after that, one of the Admins will check on your application and convert you to the Site Members Group, which will additionally give you access to the SITE MEMBER FORUM SECTION, where you can contribute posts to other's topics and create your own topics to begin new dialogues.

Please sign into your account a day or two after you receive it to give the Admins time to evaluate your username and perform that conversion.

NOTE: This website is not for private advertising of any kind. Violations will result in blocking of forum accesses or deletion of your account.

We have been flooded with new account requests from people whose only interest in this website appears to be to post links to commercial websites for advertising purposes. If that is your intent, your account will not be approved, and will be immediately deleted. To facilitate our management of this situation, accounts will only be approved with usernames that we recognize as player names from the game. All others will be immediately deleted. If you have been deleted in error, talk with one of our members in-game and we will make arrangements to have your submission request approved.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is an analogy question that must be correctly answered to successfully register. The only answer that will succeed is the word apple, which although does not make sense, has been successfully defeating the spambots from automatically registering for accounts.
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